57-Year-Old Health Practitioner Reveals 3 Simple Steps for Smoother, Firmer Skin

by earthscure

I’ll never forget that drive to the hospital.

As I swerved in and out of San Diego traffic, my 10-year old son sat next to me…

Slouched… clenching his stomach… moaning in gut wrenching pain.

And there was absolutely NOTHING I could do about it.

This was the sixth time in the past two weeks that his mystery stomach condition flared up.

And no matter how much money we spent…

No matter who we went to see…

No matter what lab tests they ran…

Every doctor, gastrointestinal specialist, or radiologist couldn’t tell us what the heck was going on.

My family was practically LIVING in waiting rooms… or driving to them.

So as miserable as it was, a drive like this shouldn’t be so memorable.

Yet this specific one is etched in my brain…

Because as I looked up to change lanes something happened.

I didn’t get into an accident.

No one got hurt or anything…

Instead, I locked eyes with someone – what looked like an old, weathered woman.

It was one of those haunting images that causes a sinking feeling in your stomach.

And as this lifeless creature, gazed at me for what felt like an eternity…

All I could think was:

“Thank god I’m not her.”

But as I snapped out of this daze, I realized—

I wasn’t looking at a pedestrian…

I wasn’t looking into the window of another vehicle…

I was looking into my rearview mirror –

I was looking at my OWN reflection.


My name is Summer Williams.

I’m a holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, and professor at the National Healing Institute.

The story I just shared with you is an important one.

Because it’s the point in my life where I came to terms with a harsh reality…

It doesn’t matter how young we are…

It doesn’t matter how young we feel on the inside…

Sometimes our face just doesn’t match that feeling of youth.

In my case, I was just 41 years old – I barely felt old enough to be a mother.

But when I looked in the mirror, I saw someone almost twice my age…

And I honestly can’t think of any moment in my entire life that was more soul crushing than that one.

I didn’t want to leave the house.

I’d cancel plans with friends.

I was so self-conscious that when I’d run errands…

I’d never leave home without hiding behind large-frame sunglasses.

All I could think was
“Why is this happening to me?”

I did everything I was “supposed to”.

I always wore sunscreen.

I didn’t smoke.

I hardly ever drank.

I stuck to a healthy diet.

And most importantly, from a young age, I used skincare products RELIGIOUSLY.

Tons of them.

Cleansers, toners, serums, masks, moisturizers, exfoliators…

Every day, I would spend what seemed like hours carefully following a 10-step regimen recommended by my dermatologist.

If anything, I thought the amount of attention I was paying to my face was overkill.

But after decades of following all the rules, I learned the hard way.

None of it made any difference…

How could that even be possible?

I worked so hard to maintain my appearance.

Well, thanks to my own line of work, what I now know (that I didn’t a decade ago) is this…

The $140 billion skincare industry is – for the most part – just one massive scam.

Through television advertising, social media YouTube videos, and billboards, marketers prey on our deepest insecurities.

They learn what makes us tick.  And they design advertising campaigns around our vulnerabilities.

They aren’t just good at it. They’re GREAT at it.

But here’s one thing they don’t know – and likely they don’t care about…

Do any of these high-priced products REALLY make a difference?

I can tell you from my own experience, they don’t.

In fact, one University of Pennsylvania dermatologist told the Inquirer:

“There is actually very little medical or scientific research supporting Big Beauty big claims.”

That’s why instead of using actual science, these billion dollar companies opt for vague phrases like “dermatologist recommend’…

Which, by the way, can mean absolutely ANYTHING.

They also trick us with night and day, before and after photos.  

You’ve seen them – the ones where you can’t even tell if you’re looking at the same person.

It’s because they know their skincare products simply do NOT work.

They’re all talk, and no substance.

And speaking of substance…

According to Univar Solutions, an independent lab formulation firm…

If you really dig into the ingredients behind some of the most popular cosmetic products, guess what you’re actually buying…


The average household skincare product can be up to 90% plain old water.

Would you pay $30… $40… maybe even more for one of those little 8 oz. water bottles?

Of course you wouldn’t.

But the second a big brand throws exfoliating beads in there and puts their logo on it, we lose that clarity.

We shell out thousands of dollars every year for these products.

We put them on our faces and we wait for the results we’re promised.

Little do we know – we’re like young children waiting for the tooth fairy.

Meanwhile, these millionaire executives rake in OUR money and brainstorm their next scheme.

Just thinking about it fills me with anger.

And I could go on for hours about this stuff but frankly that’s not why I’m writing this.

Instead I’m going to show you…

The 3-steps I discovered that put my life back on track.

Step #1 – Cleanse with Ocean Minerals

Washing your face every day is obviously important.

We all know we should do it to remove yesterday’s dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup…

But what most people do not know is the actual ingredients we should use to clean our faces.

The majority of face wash products contain nothing more than soap compounds, chemical salts and foaming agents.

Sure, those will get some of that gunk out of your pores.

But what I have found to be the most important ingredient in the cleansing process is actually what we put back IN to our pores.

I’m talking about NUTRIENTS.

After all, your skin is an organ, and it needs NATURAL vitamins and minerals to survive and thrive.

Ocean Minerals

These (and a few others) are the REAL ingredients that help us women maintain our natural glow, even out our complexion, and protect against toxins.

But too often they are NOWHERE to be found in our cleansing products.

That’s why I opt for, specifically, ocean mineral facial cleansers.

What’s so special about minerals from the ocean?

Well, in 2016, the National Center for Biotechnology Information posted a peer-reviewed study about mineral content in deep sea water.

Their findings suggested that ocean water from 2,000 feet or deeper contained 74 times richer Magnesium content than other samples.

And when they tested it on patients, they found this sea water alone can:

So when it comes to feeding and protecting our skin, ocean minerals are the jack of all trades.

Since I started using this every morning, it’s worked wonders for me.

But of course it’s not as simple as only washing your face.

Which brings me to the second part of my skincare regimen – moisturizer.

Over the years I’ve tried a ton of moisturizers.

But, in my opinion, there’s only one type of moisturizer even worth using…

Step #2 – Moisturize With Nano Peptides

What exactly sets nano-peptide moisturizers apart from the rest?

Well, it’s simple.

Nano-peptides are microscopic amino acids (proteins) that supercharge our skin cells’ permeability.

In other words, they turn our skin cells into hyper-absorptive sponges.

They soak up exponentially more moisture than normal.

Not only does it hydrate our skin…


These types of moisturizers absorb DEEPER – and into our collagen fibers.

Where the nano-peptides actually boost collagen production.

What’s so special about that?

Well collagen is – more or less – is the glue that holds our two layers of skin together.

When we’re young, and our collagen levels are high, our skin is firm, elastic, and wrinkle free.

But after age 20 our body naturally produces 1% less collagen every year.

It may not sound like much, but over the course of a decade or two, this collagen depletion adds up.

And in a study conducted by the American Journal of Pathology

Researchers concluded that the key difference between “young” and “old” skin was a 68% difference in collagen production.

That’s why having an abundance of new, powerful collagen reproducing is such a critical piece to our appearance.

And that’s why I ONLY opt for a nano-peptide moisturizer.

Because it’s so much more than a moisturizer… 


The best part is it’s easy.

It just takes about a dime size amount of this moisturizer in the morning and you literally have your skin tightening itself all day.

From there, your skin is in pretty good shape.

But when the day’s over, there’s one more thing I like to do every evening

That brings me to the final part of my routine…

Step #3 – Use a Vegan Retinol Cream

When it comes to maintaining youthful skin, cell turnover is arguably the most important factor. 

If you aren’t familiar with that term…

Cell turnover is the process of your skin cells dividing and dying off.

But before they do, they create brand new cells to take their place.


When we’re young, our cells naturally reproduce every 10 to 14 days.

But as we age, cell turnover time gets longer…

And longer…

Until, we hit our 50’s and it takes up to 90 days!

Any idea how that affects our complexion?

Well, consider that every single day your skin is beaten down by the sun, free radicals, pollution, allergens, etc…

The surface of our skin gets CLUTTERED with all of this unwanted garbage. 

And cell turnover is our body’s natural way of “taking out the trash”.

You wouldn’t want dirty garbage bins sitting around your house for 3 months.

Similarly, you don’t want all of these old, damaged skin cells overstaying their welcome.

That’s why the most important step in revitalizing your skin, is using Retinol.  

Because Retinol is the only product on the market that has been scientifically proven to speed up your body’s cell turnover.

According to some of the world’s best skin doctors… it can cut cell turnover times down to 7-14 days.

Yes, you’re reading that right…

You can actually have “younger” skin cells at an OLDER age.

Plus retinol has an added benefit…

Just like nano-peptides, retinol it replenishes your skin’s collagen.

All it takes is a dime-sized amount of retinol every evening and you’ll likely notice:


And overall it makes your skin just feel fresher and younger (because it literally is!).

And believe it or not, that’s it.

Over the past decade, these 3 steps have transformed what I see in the mirror.

Today I Love My Skin!

And I’m positive that if you stick to what I’ve shown you, then you’ll love your skin too..

In fact, I’ve shared my regimen with THOUSANDS of other women just like us

Women that have tried EVERYTHING for better looking skin…

When they tried the 3 step routine, the results have been nothing short of LIFE CHANGING.

Just look at what Geri had to say about her new look…

“My skin feels so smooth when I wake up in the morning. I am 68 years old. I get compliments on my skin all the time.” -Geri

Or Lynette…

“I am 62 years old. My skin is tighter, my wrinkles less pronounced.” -Lynette


“I have large pores that have noticeably shrunk. My skin is softer all day” Kathy


“I am 66 yrs old and my skin has never looked better!” -Rose


“At 55, my skin looks and feels more radiant!” -Maria


“Just finished my first monthNot only does my skin look healthier and younger, my spots have almost completely faded.” –Ilene

Since I started sharing my 3-step routine with the world, I’ve gotten messages like these from hundreds of different women.

Quite frankly, I’m thrilled to have such an impact on so many people’s lives.

Especially because I’ve been there…

I remember when my wrinkles and saggy skin would cast a dark cloud over me every day.

And at a certain point, after exhausting every possible solution…

I didn’t think ANYTHING would ever fix my skin.

Instead I asked myself “what’s even the point in trying?”…

Especially when you think about how much work it all is…

Researching ingredients…

Choosing the right products…

Going out of our way to buy, or wait for them to get delivered.

It’s a LONG, tedious process.

And it’s why a lot of women flat out “give up” on their skin after a certain age.

But please – do NOT give up.

Instead, I want you to try my 3-step skincare routine…

  1. Ocean Mineral Cleanser
  2. Nano Peptide Moisturizer
  3. Vegan Retinol Cream

I Want You to Love Your Skin!

That’s why I’ve partnered with Earth’s Cure – an independent, all natural formulator.

Together we’ve taken my 3-step routine and turned it into one easy-to-follow package that any woman can use.


Inside you’ll find the 3 products that I’ve used to completely TRANSFORM my own skin.

#1 - Ocean Mineral Illuminating Cleanser


This 3-in-1 face wash contains 92 different ocean minerals that visibly improve skin tone, texture, and pores.

In the morning, just use a dime-size amount on the face and neck…

Lather for 20 seconds, and rinse.

#2 - Nano Peptide Moisturizer


This moisturizer does everything that your normal moisturizer does, only it’s better…

It’s PACKED with powerful nano-peptides.

So your skin starts soaking up moisture in seconds.

Plus the nano-peptides replenish your skin’s collagen and actually firm and smooth your skin.

It’s a perfect solution for:

  • Dryness
  • Dullness
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Loss of firmness

Just apply it to your face, eye area, neck and chest in the morning and you’re good to go.

#3 - Vegan Retinol Repairing Cream


Remember retinol is the key ingredient that makes our skin repair itself overnight.

Getting rid of:

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Dark Spots
  • Saggy & Loose Skin
  • Pale Skin
  • Uneven Texture & Tone

And this natural anti-aging cream is packed with extra ingredients to repair and revitalize your skin.

Just put a dime sized amount of this Anti-Aging Cream on your face, eye area, neck and chest before bed.

The whole 3-step process takes less than 5 minutes a day!


But in that 5 minutes, you can shed years’ worth of aging.

It really can work that fast –

Just look at what Joan had to say after her first week using Earth’s Cure.

“3 Short Days, 1 BIG Difference!”

“About 3 days now, and I love it, and I’m 79 ..and can see a difference from day one.” -Joan M.

And Lisa noticed a big difference in a short time frame too…

“A New Week, A New Me!”

“These products are amazing. My skin has improved so much in just a little over a week since I started using. So happy that I finally found natural products I can use daily that work.” -Lisa N.

Lucy from Texas also saw quick results.

Unfortunately for her, so did her husband…

“Next Time I’m Order Two!”

“Really works great, I saw results quickly. Tighter skin, smoother wrinkles, and helps with tired-looking skin… I made the mistake of letting my husband try it. Now I have to hunt down my jar. Giving up and ordering him his own.” -Lucy W.

Your age, skin type, even gender – none of that matters.

This regimen works for everybody. That’s why we’re making EarthsCure accessible to everybody with one low price.

This Anti-Aging Routine normally costs $112 for an 8 week supply.

That’s less than $2 a day…

It’s far, far less than what you’d have to spend by going out and buying products from other brands.

And let’s be honest, for less money, it gives you far MORE results.

I mean I know women who easily spend $3,600 or more each year on filler and procedures…

And they STILL aren’t getting these kind of results.

That’s why I’m really trying to do everything I can to spread Earth’s Cure to everyone…

It’s also why…

Today EarthsCure is offering a very special deal on this 3-Step Anti-Aging Routine.

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My routine is as simple as it gets. I wash with the natural facial cleanser, apply the peptide moisturizer during the day, then apply the vegan retinol cream at night. It’s everything women over 40 need for better skin.

Spa Price: $112
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That means today, you’ll pay only $89 for a 2-month supply of the Anti-Aging regimen.

I’ve never heard of a better price for a full-fledged, proven-to-work skincare routine.

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Especially if you’re like I was, and you’ve tried every product and never seen any real results.

Well I don’t you to worry…

This is different.

EarthsCure follows one strict policy.
Results GUARANTEED or You Don’t Pay a Dime.

If you actually follow the instructions I outlined…

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I hope that my routine can work the same wonders for your skin as it has for mine.

And I’m looking forward to hearing about your results.

Thank you,

Summer Williams