5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

by earthscure

Stay Positive. With the holidays comes the expectation of the perfect day, experience, present, etc. Putting this type of pressure on yourself is not only unhealthy, but very unfair and can leave you feeling blue. Don’t forget to give yourself a break and remember that the holidays are also a time of comfort and joy!

Tip: Keep a positive thought or idea in mind that you can go back to if you find yourself going down a rabbithole of negativity. 

Get Enough Sleep. Proper sleep is often the first thing to go when you’re feeling stressed. This can lead to a poor mood, a weakened immune system and puffy, tired skin. Getting good sleep allows your body to repair itself both mentally and physically, giving you the energy you need to take on the holiday season.

Take Some “Me” Time. Needing space for yourself does not make you selfish. Scheduling some time out to decompress will give you a clear head. Self care doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, taking a walk, listening to music or reading a book are all effective ways to get that me time that we all need this time of year.

Keep a Healthy Diet. Sugary sweets taste delicious but can have you crashing in no time. While completely cutting out holiday treats is improbable and no fun, indulging in moderation is key. A well balanced diet not only boosts your immune system and keeps your blood sugar in check, it also helps your skin maintain that holly, jolly glow. And as always don’t forget to DRINK WATER!   

Exercise. Finding the time to exercise, especially during the most wonderful time of the year can be a feat in itself, but it’s so important for your mental and physical health. The good news is you don’t need a two-hour session at the gym in order to get those feel-good endorphins. Simple changes like choosing an out of the way parking spot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator or even doing some lunges during the commercial breaks of your favorite holiday movie can all get your heart pumping. Moving your body can also help stave off sickness which will keep you feeling strong into the new year. 

Ask For Help. The holidays are hectic. As your to-do list grows and your timeline shrinks, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Reaching out to others gives you a chance to connect with friends and sneak in some much needed catching up time as well as possibly prevent an accident that could end up getting you hurt if you’re trying to do more than you can handle. Help is always good and people love to feel needed!

Aromatherapy. Looking to improve your health and mood in a natural way? Aromatherapy is an excellent alternative for those looking for a more holistic approach to treating mental and physical ailments. Essential oils are derived from various plants, each with their own special kind of superpower and when absorbed through the skin and lungs, those powers are activated. 

For example, Rosemary is great for improving mood, Lavender helps with sleep and relaxation and Citrus and Lemongrass do wonders for stress and anxiety relief. 
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