I Stopped Wearing Makeup for a Month, Here’s What Happened…

by earthscure
no makeup after 50

Ever since High School I had bad skin…

My classmates would call me “pizza face” because my red acne spots were so bad.

My mother gave me some foundation to cover up my acne.

Throughout college my skin got a little bit better, but once I started dating guys I would wear full makeup. Even to bed.

The insecurity was crippling.

I continued wearing makeup through my older years, when the wrinkles on my forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines appeared.

Then one day I woke up, thought to myself, screw it.

If people want to judge me, so be it.

I went about my day terrified, without any make up, but quickly realized nobody noticed…

Then something miraculous happened a week later.

I noticed my skin started to look more glowing and youthful.

I looked happier.

After giving my skin a break from the years of makeup and stress… my skin was finally starting to look better.

Then yesterday morning my husband rolled over in bed and said “how do you look so pretty in the mornings?”

I don’t know if he said this just to compliment me. But throughout the day he continued giving me compliments.

 “I love how natural and confident you look” was my favorite.

I guess he enjoyed seeing me, not the layers of makeup that hid my face.

I realized we are our own worst critics. Nobody notices the flaws that seem so dominant in our eyes.

Everyone feels insecure about the way they look… and everyone is so busy judging themselves… they don’t realize that nobody is actually judging them.

UPDATE 7/8/2021: A lot of people are asking for my skincare routine. Here’s what I do:

MORNING: wash face with warm water and mineral cleanser. Use a peptide moisturizer which is very hydrating.

EVENING: cleanse then apply a vegan retinol cream all over my face. Change pillowcase every 3-4 days.